This report is presented by Northwestern University, Center for Healthcare Equity – Institute for Healthcare Studies, in collaboration with Chicago State University and The Chicago Department of Public Health. The report was made possible with support from the Aetna Foundation and Aetna, Inc.


A Profile of Health and Health Resources within Chicago’s 77 Communities describes the health status and availability of resources that promote health within Chicago’s 77 community areas. This comprehensive report is the first of its kind to paint a big-picture view of the health of our city and is available in PDF format. The report presents a body of information which includes data about the health status of Chicago’s population, health care resources available, social determinants of health and community-level assets.

We use the Winnable Battles framework from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to present the information in this report. This report features five winnable battles: (1) childhood obesity, (2) HIV/AIDS, (3) racial/ethnic disparities in breast cancer mortality, (4) teen pregnancy, and (5) motor vehicle injury and death.

A Profile of Health and Health Resources within Chicago’s 77 Communities is designed as a resource for people of the community, community leaders, policy makers, administrators, and others interested in improving the health of Chicago’s 77 communities. The report serves as a starting point for the identification of community areas and populations at greatest risk for each condition, an assessment of the health care resources and community assets available to address these conditions, and a baseline measurement for assessing progress toward improving health overall and eliminating health inequities.

Suggested citation for this report: Yonek, J., Hasnain-Wynia, R. A Profile of Health and Health Resources within Chicago’s 77 Communities. Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Center for Healthcare Equity/Institute for Healthcare Studies, 2011

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